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What do we do?

We can repair what others can`t

What do we do?

  • Professional repair of Apple Mac motherboards
  • Upgrade your MacBook Air / Pro RAM
  • Unlocking motherboards
  • Purchase of broken / unrecoverable computers

Liquid damaged or broken MacBook? Apple Service Provider told you that you need to replace the entire logic board, there is no other solution and the price proposal to change the motherboard is so high? We have a solution! Bring or send the device to us and we can help you with this problem for a reasonable price!

The most common motherboard problems cause mechanical damage (dropping or bending), aging, overheating, and of course, liquid damage.

The most common defects:

  1. MacBook cannot be turned on
    The fan does not start, nothing appears on the screen
  2. MacBook will turn on, but shut downs, or it will restart automatically
    Restarts under load or during custom functions
  3. MacBook is not charging
    The LED on the charger is off, the battery is not visible at all (the battery icon in the system bar shows only X), or you see the message “Battery is not charging”
  4. MacBook only works on an adapter
    The battery is not visible in the system at all (the map image of the battery in the system bar is only X), the system message „Battery does not charge“, after running out of charger you can turn off
  5. Macbook shows only black screen, no backlight
    The device turns on and you can hear the so-called „CHIME“, but the screen is black, or the picture is very barely visible
All of these problems are very often completely repairable.

Our success rate is very high, our solution is made just for you.

Basic diagnostics is free!