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If i call you every 5 minutes with a question about the repair status, will you fix it faster?

Probably NOT, because we must answer the call and stop the current working process 🙂 Some failures could be very tricky and not very easy to find.

Our CRM system sends automaticaly any changes about repair status, if you still want to ask something, its better to send us email.


How long will the computer last after your repair? How long is the warranty? Is`nt it better to buy a new computer?

We provide a 1-year limited warranty on each logic board repair we do, which means that after our repair the computer will run at least 1 year, unless there is liquid damage again. Unfortunatelly, MacBooks are NOT waterproof. We have witnessed several times that even motherboard from Authorised Service Provider may be some previous work on. You have to understand that repairing your computer is not the same as buying a new computer but its DEFINITELY CHEAPER. We are not future tellers so we cannot determine how long exactly it will work after repair.


Your prices are expensive, i saw some other repair providers giving significantly lower prices, can you be cheaper?

No. Quality repair is not cheap. Cheap repair is not good.


I did not know about your services, they told me that this cannot be fixed and i have to buy a new computer, is this true?

We believe that ANYTHING can be fixed, you can see for yourself and bring the Mac to us. You can see some pictures from our work on social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc)


My Mac needs to order some spare part from China, what nonsense is that? Is that original part?

Please, call to Apple directly and complain about that they are NOT selling any parts to ANYONE. Tell them, that customers should have access to spare parts and should be able to repair the device they OWN when it stops working. Apple provides parts only to authorised service providers. But they can replace only 3 parts, LCD, Topcase with keyboard and battery, and logic board, thats all folks.

We order parts from China because there is no other source to fix your Mac for reasonable money. These parts are from discarded logic boards, which had other failures. These parts are tested, fully working and original.


I just poured a glass of water on my MacBook. My friend advised me to put the Mac in rice and, turn it on after few days, is that right?

This is one of the WORST myths and NONSENSE. You just cannot fix electronics by putting it in rice, the moisture will no go away, and you can even worsen the results.
The device needs to be opened, dryed out and cleaned. This is the proper solution.

But if you have some special rice variety that can safe MacBook, please sell us 🙂


I can see from photos that you are soldering some strange wires to logic board. What is that?

This is a special insulated wire, that we use if there is a burnt conductive path inside logic board that cannot be repaired otherwise