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We have replaced 300 components on board, and the PPBUS circuit is still shorted, should i send the board to you?

No. Previous repair attempts are always a problem. It`s just harder and reduce the change to successful repair.


How long will the computer last after your repair? How long is the warranty? Is`nt it better to buy a new computer?

We provide a 1-year limited warranty on each logic board repair we do, which means that after our repair the computer will run at least 1 year, unless there is liquid damage again. Unfortunatelly, MacBooks are NOT waterproof. We have witnessed several times that even motherboard from Authorised Service Provider may be some previous work on. You have to understand that repairing your computer is not the same as buying a new computer but its DEFINITELY CHEAPER. We are not future tellers so we cannot determine how long exactly it will work after repair.


I`m a Mac repair technician, can i have better prices?

Yes, contact us for further details


Your prices are expensive, i saw some other repair providers giving significantly lower prices, can you be cheaper?

No. Quality repair is not cheap. Cheap repair is not good.


Can i send the motherboard only for repair?

Please no, for succesful repair we need WHOLE mac


Shipping is expensive, ill just send the logic board only anyway


OK, when we fix the board WITHOUT any warranty. We are also not liable for any damage to motherboard when installed in device in another shop


Will i make your work easier by sending the device without any screws?


No, you are only risking damage to device during shipping.


I can see from photos that you are soldering some strange wires to logic board. What is that?

This is a special insulated wire, that we use if there is a burnt conductive path inside logic board that cannot be repaired otherwise