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We CAN fix it!

Our prices for all MacBook logic board repairs are very reasonable. We fix cracked screens, broken keyboards and trackpads too. Broken charging port on your Mac? We fix that too!

They told you, you need to change whole logic board?

Well, not so fast!. Don’t loose any hope on coffee and juice damaged Mac, we specialize mostly on liquid damaged logic boards, and we CAN fix them! In 99 % cases there are only few SMD components on logic board broken and they can be changed and refurbished. You do not have to throw away your Mac! We think ecological and we believe a lot of „unfixable“ machines are stock up in your closet, waiting for disposal which can be fixed! Send your Mac to us and see for yourself.

We are the answer to overpriced repairs from Apple Authorised Service Providers

We got the microsoldering certificates from master engineers in China. We regularly travel to Shenzhen to see most actual microsoldering methods. Our technicians are skilled and professional in microsoldering level repairs.

Here are some sample pictures from our job


Dont worry about your Apple devices. We cooperate with unfixables more than 5 years. Good price, great communication and also they safe our money with boards fixing.

Kristyna Tomanova Hello Bank

Kristyna Tomanova Hello Bank

We are happy to send this guys not working Macs. They give us very quick diagnostic and also we have free estimate.

David Havlicek Quadro,s.r.o.

David Havlicek Quadro,s.r.o.

We are happy to sell used and not working Macs to uNfixables. With this we can give big sale for our customers, when they think about buying new MacBook.

Tomáš Soukup, manager of APR

Tomáš Soukup, manager of APR

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