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You have your own service and looking for someone to fix your boards? You are in the right place, we provide special partner program with better prices and priority repairs.

Who is it for?

  • Other service repair providers
  • Big organisations and schools
  • Anyone sending more than 15 pcs


  • Special prices
  • Repair priority
  • Free estimate and diagnostics
  •  1 year limited warranty


We offer competitive and reliable services for other services, service providers, schools and other large organizations that wish to outsource motherboard repairs. Additional volume discounts are available, 15 or more devices are available for repair.

We fix boards the right way and we never make our job easier

We see very often that boards have been “repaired” by someone else, often failing after only few months of use. The failure is caused because some damaged components were still left on the board. When you send to us, we ensure that whole damaged area is properly refurbished. This ensures that the board will work stable in future.

Is there anything else to know before you send Mac for repair?

Yes, we do not accept boards-only for repair. You have to send us whole Mac. If there is any previous “repair” attempt on the board, for example heated CPU/GPU chip on board, there is very low chance to repair this board already. On this botched boards we set non-refundable fee 1500 CZK.

We stand behind our work. We provide 1 year limited warranty for all logic board jobs we do.

We offer 1 year limited warranty for every logic board repair we do. We stand behind our work. If there is any problem, we always try to resolve it promptly.
Just click the button, include paper with your credentials inside the box. We handle the rest

We dont need the charger. Dont send any of your favorite boxes, we cannot guarantee we will return your device in the same box.